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Metro Stories: I Never Thought I'd Live On The East Coast

Born and raised in California, I never thought I’d live on the East Coast. Two questions, however, changed all that.

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A pastor recently talked about how we are often moved around by things beyond our control, like leaves caught up in a whirlwind. I sense the weight of this truth as I consider that two simple sentences moved me across the country and planted me at Metro Presbyterian Church for the next several years. The first question was, “Will you marry me?” I knew when I proposed to Christina that she would be studying medicine at Drexel University for the next several years and that I would have to move out to be with her. Part of God making us one, then, would require living on the other side of the country. I knew that when I proposed, but I also knew that I would be in Tokyo, Japan for mission work during her first year. Where we would fellowship for church—the most important part of our move—was completely out of my hands. That’s where the second question comes in. One of Christina’s Drexel University classmates asked her if she wanted to visit Metro Presbyterian Church. My fiancé had been searching for solid Biblical teaching and Godly community; at Metro she heard the Word faithfully taught and connected with brothers & sisters who cared for her. I was encouraged to hear this while I was in Japan, but even more so when we moved out to Philadelphia. Making Metro our church home was an easy decision. Though life is uncertain and unpredictable, I am grateful that the Lord is the source of hope we can’t deserve. His provision of Christian community through Metro Presbyterian Church and our journey here is one clear example of His faithfulness to Christina & I. We’re grateful to be here.

- Kylan Schroeder

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