The staff of Metro meeting together.

Leading with Faith, Hope, and Love.

The leadership at Metro acts as a plurality of elders and assistant staff, governing the direction of the church; in other words, they partner together—ordained for the purpose of serving in the Gospel ministry. We stand on the shoulders of our mentors and church-planting partners to emerge as a team of experienced leaders with the values, passion, and credibility to plant and lead Gospel-centered churches all over the city.

Our Pastoral Staff & Elders

Our Directors

Image of Christina Ro

Christina Ro

Director of Crossroads (Children's Fellowship)

Image of Angela Cho

Angela Cho

Director of Women's Fellowship

Image of Danny Cho

Danny Cho

Director of Couples' Fellowship

Image of Kevin Ro

Kevin Ro

Director of Community Life & Finance

Image of Christina Choi

Christina Choi

Director of Communications

Image of Paul Choi

Paul Choi

Director of Digital Technologies

Image of Donald Han

Donald Han

Director of MetroNext (Youth Group Fellowship)

Partner with our Leaders.

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