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22 Days of Prayer

Through Jesus, we have every resource, structure, and model for prayer.

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We pray because Jesus calls us to pray. We pray because Jesus taught us to pray. We pray because Jesus prayed. Through Jesus, we have every resource, structure, and model for prayer. We pray because we live in an uncontrollable world that values self-reliance—a truth and a lie, when kept together, lead to suffering and alienation from God and one another. We pray because the Bible is pregnant with prayers that give us words when our words (and sometimes, groans) seem insufficient. We pray because, through prayer, we can have genuine intimacy with God; we can delight in God, who is our Father, with whom we can share deep connection, insight, burdens, and joy. In other words, we pray because we have a God who hears us—and delights in hearing His children. So, we pray because we love the Lord and because we trust the Lord.

Beginning March 2, every weekday will feature one leader from Metro who will lead our church in prayer over at least 1 particular “theme” of needs both in our city and local body. That makes 22 days of prayer that Metro, as a church, can pray as a united body for the great needs of our city and people—and as we move through the month, it is our hope that Metro grows more healthily as a praying body.



Each weekday, a prayer will be posted onto Metro’s Facebook page:

1. Access Metro’s Facebook page at some point in your day, once the prayer session has been posted. Please find the link here:

2. Select the prayer session for the respective weekday and click play.

3. Pray along with our leaders; let the prayers of our leaders move you to continue in prayer for others, our city, our world, and our church.


If you would like to hear more about Metro’s vision for the city, please visit our Vision page.

If you feel compelled to give for the sake of Metro’s vision for the city, please donate here.

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