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Father's Day Month
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Father's Day Month

To honor our fathers this year, please register to bring your father to Metro on Sunday, June 19th for our 11:00AM service. Metro intends to honor and welcome the fathers of those who attend Metro.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of “Father's (Mother’s) Day Month”?

Based on the types of people who attend Metro, it is clear that many are a product of our parents’ prayers. As a result, we dedicate two weeks to honor our mothers (in May) and fathers (in June), for various reasons: (1) Scripture calls us to honor our father and mother. One public way in which we can honor our parents is in the context of worship, since this assures our parents that their prayers have been heard, their children are worshiping “well” in their own context, and we haven’t forgotten those who patiently hoped for our faith to become our own, in a sense; (2) It is a way to share our love and appreciation for our parents as grown adults; (3) It provides an opportunity for congregants to celebrate their parents after worship, possibly with other friends’ parents as well.

2. What about our fathers (and mothers) who currently attend Metro?

In actuality, the idea was born out of our desire to celebrate the very mothers and fathers who attend our church year-round. They are automatically included in our celebration, both in May and June. Nothing is required from current, regular attendees of our church; we will reach out to confirm which worship service that our mothers and fathers will be attending on the given dates.

3. Is there a fee to participate? What are the requirements to participate?

There is no fee to participate. All that is required is that you register your parent here, and that you bring your parent to the worship service time and date that you registered for.

4. Can both parents attend for Father’s Day Month?

Absolutely. If possible, please indicate whether you intend to bring other members of your family; however, even if plans change and you did not let us know, they are always welcome to attend.

5. Is there a limit as to how many fathers can be registered?

Yes. Currently, we are opening up to 15 slots for the 11:00AM service on a given date. This means, for Mother’s Day Month, 7 registrations will be accepted for the 9:30AM service and 15 registrations will be accepted for the 11:00AM on 5/1; the same will be the case for 5/8 as well (and similarly for the two Sundays on which we celebrate our fathers).

6. What will be our parents’ experience that morning?

Once you check them in, first and foremost, they will be able to participate in worshiping our God with their child(ren) in their own context; it gives them the assurance that their children are committed to a gospel-centered, theologically Reformed, liturgical service that is biblically-based. Second, they will be welcomed in a general sense, but honored personally via video by you (if you so choose upon registration). Third, we will provide each parent with a gift bag. Lastly, you will have a photo taken with your family to memorialize the experience. We hope you will also be able to treat them to a meal soon after to cap off the experience.

7. Will we do this every year?

We do not intend to do this every year, and will gauge each year’s opportunity as it comes.

Sunday, June 19, 11:00am – 1:00pm
Metro East Falls